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Suddenly Slender

By simply drinking a pleasant-tasting cup of tea twice a day, you could:

  • Lose weight

  • Detoxify the body
    (removing parasites, toxins & chemicals)

  • Improve digestion and relieve constipation

  • Get your body in an alkaline condition

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stay-at-home income



suddenly slender signIn May of 2015, Nicole Flaten purchased a small franchise business, Suddenly Slender in Grande Prairie, AB.

Nicole had been a stay at home mom and wife and was ready to get back into the working world. Nicole knew that she wanted a career in which she could still be a mom, a career that she looked forward to going to every day and one that she was able to help people feel better about themselves and over all healthier

Nicole had wanted a venture that would be as healthy as possible, paving the way for her daughters and clients.

So she was beyond excited to be able to purchase Suddenly Slender, that not only carried Velocitea that has so many wonderful, healthy benefits but that also did Infrared Sauna Body Wraps which is an organic, food based solution that you get wrapped in that helps to break down and shrink your fat cells making you slimmer and more toned, helping to eliminate cellulite and lighten stretch marks.

Suddenly Slender also offers Aqua Chi Foot Detoxes that is another natural process that helps you eliminate toxins from all over your body through the pores in your feet.

Nicole is excited to be carrying on with such an amazing business and looks forward to many, many years of growing Suddenly Slender into something even more wonderful and meeting and keeping so many amazing clients.

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